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Welcome to my blog.

This website is an attempt to write ideas down so I can refer to them later. If someone else finds these ideas useful, then I am glad.

Matthew Edgar

Latest Posts

  • Using SSL Locally With Angular

    In this day and age, it is required that all websites use SSL. So I want to ensure I am using it wherever possible. When developing locally with Angular, I wanted to use https://localhost:4200/. I found a couple of ways to help, but it didn’t go exactly as planned.

  • Using Code Inspections the Wrong Way

    Modern IDE tools provide a wealth of productivity features including automated code inspections. These analysis tools run in the background and give you advice (suggestions) or raise warnings (or errors) when they discover a problem. How you react to them is important. Let’s see how not to do it.

  • Who Pushes You?

    Every now and again, you need a little push to get you moving in the right direction. Who pushes you?

  • Situational Awareness

    I feel that decision making requires a good sense of Situational Awareness. This applies to a lot of situations, including software development. Let’s explore it, shall we?

  • A Year of Writing Blob Posts

    A year ago I challenged myself to write one blob post a week. Here are some of the things I discovered over the last year.