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Welcome to my blog.

This website is an attempt to write ideas down so I can refer to them later. If someone else finds these ideas useful, then I am glad.

Matthew Edgar

Latest Posts

  • Small Pull Requests Work Best

    One of the reasons that Agile software development approaches work so well is the way the work is performed in small iterations. Breaking down complex tasks into smaller pieces means that each piece is much simpler to define (ie. requirements), implement, and test. The same goes for code changes submitted as a Pull Request. It takes practice to work with small sets of changes, but the benefits are worth it.

  • How I Synchronize Changes With Git

    As with most things, there are more than one way to accomplish a task. But some are better (simpler or easier or faster) than others. I’d like to share my approach to synchronizing my local branch with Git. It is not the ‘best’ way or the ‘only’ way, but it works well for me.

  • Windows Event Logs with Serilog

    If your .NET Core application needs to store log entries in a Windows Event Log, Serilog has a great option. However, the samples and API documentation aren’t that great. So here are my notes on my experiences.

  • Coding Minimalism

    I believe and promote the philosophy of Coding Minimalism. Let’s explore what it means and how it affects developing code.

  • Rely On Your Keyboard

    I forget sometimes how much I rely on the keyboard to select and manipulate text as a software developer. It makes me very productive simply because I take less time to get work done. I encourage all developers to rely on their keyboard more and their keyboard less.