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Welcome to my blog.

This website is an attempt to write ideas down so I can refer to them later. If someone else finds these ideas useful, then I am glad.

Matthew Edgar

Latest Posts

  • Throttling Async Tasks with SemaphoreSlim

    Recently we had a situation where we thought we were throttling tasks correctly. Turns out we weren’t.

  • Blog Update

    I’ve missed a few blog posts recently.

  • DateOnly/TimeOnly Types in .NET 6

    In the latest preview of .NET 6.0, two new struct types were introduced: DateOnly and TimeOnly. They fill a gap for use cases long asked for in .NET.

  • Background Polling Tasks Using IHostedService

    Often I encounter processing scenarios that require a background tread to process tasks. In .NET application, using the IHostedService can make it easier.

  • The Humble Architect

    Recently I re-read The Mythical Man-Month and one section resonated with me. It described how an architect of a software development system should deal with the people that develop his or her vision. I think it defines The Humble Architect.