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Welcome to my blog.

This website is an attempt to write ideas down so I can refer to them later. If someone else finds these ideas useful, then I am glad.

Matthew Edgar

Latest Posts

  • Using Result Classes

    Over and over I have found cases where returning a single value from a function is not enough. Enter the Result class.

  • The Power of the Compose Method Refactoring

    The Compose Method Refactoring is one of the more powerful refactorings I use. Let’s explore what it is and why it can make such a difference it your code.

  • Memory Leaks using Dependency Injection with .NET Core

    I inherited a .NET Core application that had a memory leak. I found the source to be the way the application used the Dependency Injection framework. It was something I could have easily done myself so I figured I better write down the details to remind my future self to avoid the same issue.

  • The Books I Read in 2020

    2020 was well, a shit storm. I didn’t do much of anything once the country shut down in early March. I had a semi-productive garden, and adjusted to working from home. Fortunately, and most importantly, my wife and I enjoyed good health.

    One of my hobbies is reading and this year was a good reading year, all things considered. I found it difficult to concentrate and didn’t read as many books as would have liked. But the books I did read I enjoyed, for the most part.

    Here is the list of them and a brief mention of the effect they had on me.

  • Modern C#

    C# has evolved a lot in recent years and I am guilty of not taking advantage of some of the new syntax to improve my code. Here are some of the new features I need to remember to use more often.