What sort of experience do I want with Aurelia?

I have recently started down the path of exploring Aurelia as a means for building web applications. My experiences are primarily with Microsoft Visual Studio.

What sort of experience do I want with Aurelia? I want it to just work. Let me explain. The ‘File New Project…’ wizards in Visual Studio hide a lot of crap from developers. Most probably don’t realize the amount of open-source libraries and configuration settings and defaults are baked into the current MVC experience. It is so easy to create a new web site and it just runs. This is what Aurelia needs.

But more than that, it needs to integrate with the tools I have, namely Visual Studio. For example, there are several skeleton projects available that show how to integrate Aurelia with ASP.NET Core projects. These are very good samples on how to get started. I want this type of integration with Aurelia and ASP.NET Core to spit out of the Aurelia CLI. And if that can’t be achieved, then perhaps a two step process, where the CLI can apply all the changes to an existing ASP.NET Core website to integrate Aurelia.

The current CLI is pretty close so I don’t think we are too far off. But it isn’t quite there yet. Let’s see where we can be 6 months from now. I think it will be awesome. Stay tuned.